Theater Workshop of Nantucket  - Sean McGuirk’s portrayal of Rothko is masterful,     capturing the many moods of the intellectual, unpredictable and irascible artist as he rails against aging and the rise of pop art, which he predicts will not stand the test of time.






PAINTING CHURCHES  The Barnstormers  (July 2012)

Barnstormers “paint” a vivd night of theater”  - Conway Daily Sun

“She is matched by McGuirk, a veteran of the Boston acting community, who makes Gardner loveable and sweet. It is a subtle performance that doesn't overplay Gardner's dementia. At first Gardner just seems absent-minded and quirky, but as the show goes on the tragedy of the character becomes more apparent.

    There are funny and affecting moments of silliness between Fanny and Gardner that show what they must have been like in their youth, and you can see the genuine love. By not overplaying the characters, Buck and McGuirk find notes of sadness, humor and warmth that feel authentic and unforced.”



    Theater By The Sea   

        (August 2011)

Theater Mirrror

    “One of the funniest numbers is a vaudeville soft shoe called "Timeless to Me" which Tom does with Sean McGuirk who plays Wilbur. Their ad libs and patter during this number as well as their singing and dancing stop the show with its brilliance. Sean does a terrific job as the loving and supportive husband and father who wants both of his girls dreams to come true.”

RI’s Big Fat Summer Stock Sensation - Mercury

“His duet of “You’re Timeless to Me” with the equally talented Sean McGuirk as Edna’s more than a little eccentric husband, Wilbur, is a show stopper and a moment to be forever cherished.”

Theatre By the Sea’s rollicking Hairspray -Providence Phoenix

    “Standouts here for their sweetheart quotient are…Sean McGuirk as the goodhearted Wilbur Turnblad, Tracy's dad, especially in a duet with Gleadow, "You're Timeless to Me." Considering that his love interest was in drag, the bit could have gone just for the ludicrous, but it was actually charming.”

Ready Or Not...It's Showtime - South Kingston Patch

    “The song and dance scene “Timeless to Me” between Rhode Islanders Tom Gleadow (Edna Turnblad) and Sean McGuirk (Wilbur Turnblad) had everyone in the audience in tears laughing. The scene was alternately tender and touching and hysterically funny.”

Blame the Heat on Theatre By The Sea - WPRO

    “There are belly laughs too, mostly centered around Tracy’s mother, Edna, another plus-sized woman played by a very funny guy, Tom Gleadow. In Edna’s duet with husband Wilbur (played quietly and wonderfully by Sean McGuirk), “You’re Timeless To Me,” the pair get to improvise a bit, with uproarious results.”


A Man Of No Importance

A Speakeasy Stage & Sugan Theater Co-Production

A Man Of No Importance”

The intimate production was beautifully judged in every

respect. The cast drawn from both theater companies, was

beyond reproach, particularly Sean McGuirk as Alfie…”

    -  Backstage


“Cast outstanding in ‘A Man Of No Importance’ 

Sean McGuirk is a real find as Alfie Byrne, the bus conductor who cares more about people than about schedules and who is determined to stage an amateur production of Wilde’s steamy, poetic drama, “Salome.” McGuirk is a straightforward, understated actor and singer who shows us an ordinary man with a passion for poetry and a hard won understanding of why everyone needs a glimpse of something higher in their lives – The Patriot Ledger

“A Man Of No Importance” is anything but a show of no importance…

it’s beauty lies, as with all things, in listening to it’s heart. …McGuirk is completely endearing as Byrne, his suppressed, agonized portrayal a masterstroke. – HERE Boston

“Just Wilde about ‘A Man of No Importance’

Sean McGuirk plays the part of the inconsequential man of the title role. With his head and shoulders frequently bent, but with occasional glints from under his fading self-esteem, McGuirk gives us a reverse of the portrait of Dorian Gray. Here is a man who has been willing to let himself age, and who is now ready to begin again. – In Newsweekly

“A Man Of No Importance burns with quiet intensity”

…because of the subtle and perfectly natural performance of Sean McGuirk as Alfie. Unlike Finney, McGuirk takes a less boisterous approach, capturing Alfie’s naivete with an understated charm, and rooting his journey in the real world- one in which posing as Oscar Wilde, his fictional mentor, can only lead to to violence and pain. – Bay Windows

“A Wilde ride from Speakeasy & Sugan”

Most striking of all are Sean McGuirk’s heart-rending portrayal of  Byrne and Nancy E. Carroll’s rich work as his unsentimental but deeply caring sister Lily. Arguably, McGuirk’s carefully developed performance as the conflicted brother and director proves truer than the very good but much flashier effort by Alberty Finney in the film. – South End News


                          Much Ado About Nothing

                                       Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

“Much Ado About Nothing”

…the role of the Prince, Don Pedro, usually assigned to a merely competent Shakespearian, is being played by Chelsea native, Sean McGuirk, who received an IRNE this year for the title role in “ A Man Of No Importance.” His final silent exit to deal with his captured brother is a strong emotional contrast to the gaiety onstage at the end.  - Aisle Say ( Boston)

“Much Deserved Ado” 

…Sean McGuirk makes a ruefully elegant Don Pedro. - Bay Windows

“Much Ado About Nothing”

…a handsome, mature company especially Mr. McGuirk, the closeted lead in last year’s Man Of No importance, but now transformed into a rather dashing fox. – The Theater Mirror

“ Much Ado Offers Much...”

…Several actors who have had prominent roles in Boston theater recently are on hand… McGuirk (“A Man Of No Importance”) as Don Pedro and Farwell (“Sweeney Todd”) as Leonato are exceptional. – Boston Globe

“Sweet and Sour”

…Only in Sean McGuirk’s sensitive turn as Don Pedro, who seems pronouncedly sincere in his offer of love to Beatrice, is there a note of melancholy that’s sounded again at the production’s end. - Boston Phoenix


"A Few Good Men"

Casa Manana

“Casa Mañana wisely enlists ...Good Men”

Casa's production of A Few Good Men, which opened on Tuesday, stars Lou Diamond Phillips and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) ...both are good fits for their roles in Aaron Sorkin's military courtroom drama. ...other standouts are Jerome Bethea and Justin Arnold as the defendants, Ayal Miodovnik as the prosecutor, Ben Rauch as Mr. Ackles' sidekick and Sean McGuirk as a noble but cowardly senior officer who takes one too many orders from Mr. Phillips. - Dallas Morning News

The supporting cast was wonderful.  Lydia MacKay, Ben Rauch, Sean McGuirk, Jeff Schmidt and Ayal Miodovnik did a great job making the military characters more than just caricatures.  I was especially impressed with Ben Rauch as Ltjg Sam Weinburg and Sean McGuirk as Capt. Matthew Markinson.  They were perfectly cast. Gather



Lyric Stage

“Urinetown, The Musical: It’s a privilege to see.”

Sean McGuirk is delightful as the nasty water closet mogul. Once you’ve heard his “ Don’t Be The Bunny” you’ll be singing it to all your friends.

-  The Theater Mirror

“Urinetown Flows Freely at the Lyric”

...pull it off with relish, notably Sean McGuirk as Caldwell, who mocks the slick, greedy villain stereotype without resorting to caricature.

-  Boston Phoenix


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