2014 - Roy Orbison Revisited                 Texas Family Musicals               
2013 - The Roy Orbison Experience       Texas Family Musicals
2012 - British Invasion                            Texas Family Musicals
2012 - Love Letters                                  Texas Family Musicals
                    (with Joyce DeWitt & Tony Dow)
2012 - The Foreigner                               Texas Family Musicals
                    (w/ Johnny Crawford)
Red, White & Tuna                             Granbury Opera / Palace Theaters
Steel Magnolias                                   Granbury Opera House, Texas
Twist & Shout   (co-directed Sam DiRosa)   Granbury Opera House, Texas
Forever Plaid                                       Papermill Theater, New Hampshire
Sisters of Swing                                  Worcester Foothills Theater, MA
Home For Christmas                           Granbury Opera House, Texas
Joseph & His Amazing Technicolor Coat      Galveston Island Musicals, Texas
The Night the Music Died                   Granbury Opera House
Dames At Sea                                      Granbury Opera House 
Mister Angel                                        Granbury Opera House
Sisters of Swing                                   Granbury Opera House
A Season of Miracles                           Granbury Opera House 
A Little Christmas Night Music          Strand Theater, Texas
Bye Bye Birdie                                    Galveston Island Outdoor Musicals
42nd Street                                            Galveston Island Outdoor Musicals
Swingtime Canteen                             Galveston Island Outdoor Musicals
God Bless America                             Galveston Island Outdoor Musicals
State Fair     (co-directed with Kate Arrechi)  Galveston Island Outdoor Musicals
Hony Tonk Angels                              Galveston Island Outdoor Musicals
                                   Writer - Musical Revues

The Roy Orbison Experience             2013 Texas Family Musicals
British Invasion                                  2012 Texas Family Musicals
Twist & Shout                                    2010 Texas Family Musicals
Country Roads                                   2008 Granbury Opera House
Coming Home                                    2008 Co-written with Michael Skiles
Home For Christmas                          2007 Co-written with Michael Skiles
The Night The Music Died                2007 Contributing writer
A Season of Miracles                         2006 Co-written with Michael Skiles
A Little Christmas Night Music         2000 Co-written with Michael Skiles 
America The Beautiful                        2000 Co-written with Michael Skiles
                                                                 & Paula Sloan
                                           Play Adaptation

Mister Angel                                     2005 Granbury Opera House


Painting Me In  (Independent Film)         Co-write w/ Jamie Collins & Emily Carpenter

                                           Associate Producer 

Galveston Island Outdoor Musicals: 1999-2003
Joseph/AmazingTech        42nd Street         Meet Me In St Louis                        
 Swingtime Canteen          State Fair           Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
 Bye Bye Birdie                 Mame                Will Rogers Follies
 Carousel                            Fantasticks        Guys & Dolls  
 Charlie Brown                  Big River           America The Beautiful
 Honky Tonk Angels         Forever Plaid